Take LEMMing Tour

We are presenting a screen cast showing LEMMing beta main features.

LEMMing migrating!

LEMMing project moved to Sourceforge. Engage! lemm.sf.net.

Since Kenai got shutdown, LEMMing needs a new place to call home.

LEMMing Beta Announced!

LEMMing beta will be released on December, 15th


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What LEMMing is?

The spread of high performance computing systems to process large amounts of data and the growth of the number of processors per cluster may lead to an administration task scalability problem on these systems. We present LEMMing, a tool developed to support high performance computing centers. It concentrates the cluster administration tasks on a single rich Internet application. Web services deployed on each machine provide an interface to the system working as an abstraction layer of its administration procedures. On the other side, a web interface accesses these services and uses these operations remotely. This user interface is also designed to organize a huge number of computing nodes smartly and provide great usability. With LEMMing, the administration tasks could be more pragmatic and failures would be corrected faster even in heterogeneous environments with huge machines.